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7 Fun Jessica Simpson Shoes


It is impossible not to remember Jessica Simpson’s role in “The Dukes of Hazzard”, but it is even harder to forget her figure and shoes. We all love to hate her, don’t we?

Jessica Simpson’s style is playful, sexy, casual; she is a chameleonic person who can get away with just about everything she wears. If you like her outfits and love her shoes, you can borrow her style. All you have to do is choose your favorite items from Jessica Simpson brand and you are ready to conquer the world!

Jessica Simpson Heels

Jessica Simpson Shoes Collection


It is easy to figure out which are the most beloved pair of shoes designed by Jessica Simpson; you can recognize them by the big, black “SOLD OUT” label which pops into your eyes when you enter her online store.

Blossom Black Grapefruit High Heels Jessica Simpson Shoes

Blossom Black Grapefruit High Heels

Judging from the above-mentioned attribute when choosing the most beautiful Jessica Simpson shoes, women prefer colorful heels, which bring about a touch of spring, rather than a ray of summer. Bright colors and playful stripes puts you in the right mood and, more importantly, in the right pair of shoes.

Britt Coconut Black High Heels Jessica Simpson Shoes

Britt Coconut Black High Heels

Changing the style is always a good choice and going from colors to non-colors is the best idea when you want to make an impression. By choosing the Britt Coconut Black Heels, you will not only look glamorous, but the platform pump, T-strap and stiletto heel will make this pair a winner for the moment in which you are aiming for a vintage style.

Jessica Simpson Shoes On Sale

Kurtis Light Luggage Wedges Jessica Simpson Shoes

Kurtis Light Luggage Wedges

Yes, summer is here. And with it, Kurtis Light Luggage Wedges are the Jessica Simpson new arrivals. Their sole purpose: to grab attention and change mood, through their summer-ish burst of color! These platforms sport brown and navy straps, emphasized by fluorescent yellow, green and gold. That’s the true summer spirit!

Brouge Palmetto Green Kidsuede Sandals Jessica Simpson Shoes

Brouge Palmetto Green Kidsuede Sandals

Another new arrival is also suitable for summer, not only because it can be both a casual and semi-formal pair of sandals, but also because of the mix of colors. The Brouge Palmetto Green Kidsuede Sandals sport a leather and suede vamp with a combination of purple, palmetto green and turquoise. The real vacation spirit is given by the delicate faux snakeskin wrapped platform and heel!

Ginny Jasmine Wedges Jessica Simpson Shoes

Ginny Jasmine Wedges

Summer is here, so it is natural that we dream of a vacation with our eyes wide open. A pair of platforms which invite you to think about white beaches and clear water is well-represented by Ginny Jasmine Wedges. Its off-white textured leather, gold piping and tan T-strap, completed with a raffia-wrapped midsole makes this pair of platforms a must!

Jessies Jasmine Sandals Jessica Simpson Shoes

Jessies Jasmine Sandals

Imagine you are on a boat, or better said a yacht. There is no way you should wear heels when cruising the ocean, but if you are a glamorous person, Jessies Jasmine Sandals are just what you need for such an escape. The off-white textured straps and the black ankle strap and heel create a fresh contrast, emphasized by gold piping. You have the shoes, you only need the yacht!

Geno White Wedges Jessica Simpson Shoes

Geno White Wedges

Summer is all about extremes: burst of colors or white-only. Because white has a touch of elegance, yet fresh and casual style, it is natural that Geno White Wedges are a good choice when packing your bags for summer. The sky-high platforms with white leather and raffia-wrapped midsole makes you think of beach walks and lots of sunscreen. These white platforms will look great with your caramel bronze!