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White Boots For Women This Winter

White Boots For Women This Winter Feature Image
White is not just for summer anymore. These days, street style stars exude the cool It factor by breaking post-Labor Day fashion rules and donning winter white boots. We can totally understand its appeal: a flash of winter white lends a refreshing, modern flair to what could otherwise have...

6 Black Leather Booties For Any Season

Black Leather Booties High Heels and Shoes
Black Leather Booties Work With Any Style Fall is here to the joy of some and the dismay of others and the “hot ’n’ cold” temperature variations make it necessary for us to poke around in our closets and wallets and find a great pair of booties to keep our...

Classic Cardy Uggs

These classic cardy uggs boots are perfect for the wintertime. The boots are super warm. A Merino blend of wool covers these Ugg boots. You can rock these boots with many all the way up, slouched down or even cuffed on warmer days. The heel...

Madden Girl Boots To Transition From Fall To Winter

Most of us are in the transitional time of year where we’re moving from fall to winter. These Madden Girl boots are a variety of styles that will hopefully peak your interest along the way to your next shoe shopping trip. Boots are almost as fun to shop for...

Jadyn Rampage Bootie

These Jadyn Rampage Booties are perfect for the winter. At a comfortable level of three inches these are shoes you can wear for a number of hours. I don't think these are booties you can wear all day but certainly for a while. If you have...

Michael Antonio Boots Marika Ankle Boot

We hope you have fallen in love with these Michael Antonio Boots. This model the Marika Ankle Boot a shoe that stands above the rest. It is sure to turn...

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High Heel Shoe Collection CheRyl Martinez’s Shoe Collection

CheRyl’s High Heel Shoe Collection Check out this shoe collection of high heels with CheRyl Martinez’s amazing shoe collection! Win a $100 dollars by creating the best shoe collection video for Deals On Heels. CheRyl Martinez owns a Fashion Boutique in New York City called Glitteratibody She is a singer too and you...

High Heel Shoe Collection Regina’s Shoe Collection

This video high heel shoe collection Regina is amazing. She is a model who lives in New York City. Regina is best know for Wild 'N Out Girl Season 5. She has an amazing shoe collection video with over 50 pairs of high heel shoes!

High Heel Shoe Collection Serbia Ana’s Shoe Collection

Check out Ana's high heel shoe collection video Serbia. Want to win a $100 dollars by creating the best shoe collection video then check out our high heel shoe collection contest to find out more information.  To find out more about Ana's fashion choices for shoes check out her short...