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15 Types of Heels For Every Shoe Collection

No heel is equal, indeed—and there’s an overwhelming number of different kinds of heels for women alone. We’re talking about heels with their appropriate names—yes, beyond high heels, mid-heels and low-heels. We know how confusing it can be on the onset, but trust us—it’s a lot easier once each...

What You Need To Know About Chunky Heels

As cooler weather descends, savvy fashionistas replace vibrant sundresses with chunky knits and cozy outerwear. They're also replacing the skinny, stripper-inspired heels of a few seasons ago with a more practical option: chunky heels. Thicker heels were all over the runways this season, and they're a perfect choice for...

5 Cute High Heels

There are times when a woman wants to be sexy in order to attract the attention. If you feel like the sentence is not finishing, you are right. You may want to attract your lover’s or simply everybody’s attention, it’s up to you. However, there are also times when...

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High Heel Shoe Collection Regina’s Shoe Collection

This video high heel shoe collection Regina is amazing. She is a model who lives in New York City. Regina is best know for Wild 'N Out Girl Season 5. She has an amazing shoe collection video with over 50 pairs of high heel shoes!

High Heel Shoe Collection Serbia Ana’s Shoe Collection

Check out Ana's high heel shoe collection video Serbia. Want to win a $100 dollars by creating the best shoe collection video then check out our high heel shoe collection contest to find out more information.  To find out more about Ana's fashion choices for shoes check out her short...

High Heel Shoe Collection Alexandra’s Shoe Collection

Alexandra is model and a fashion and beauty blogger for a popular online fashion magazine in Budapest Hungary. Watch the high heel shoe collection Alexandra video now and then tell us what you think! Alexandra's High Heel Shoe Collection Interview To find out more about Alexandra, check out this short interview she...