Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New York Fashion Week Shoe Styles

New York Fashion Week 2015 Shoe Styles Header Image
This Fashion Week, flat shoes, like sneakers, or menswear-inspired oxfords, reigned supreme among Fashion Week attendees: women seem to be aiming for stylish comfort. However, like we’ve come to expect from this time of the year, New York City didn’t disappoint in the high heel department. This season, however,...

Metallic Mules With Style For Classy Women

Metallic Mules Header Image
Mules have made a disappearing act during the early 2000s’ only to return more fabulous than ever this season. They are already featured in many fashion shows by great designers and now famous stars started rocking them on the red carpet, a sign that this trend is here to...

Party High Heels For An Amazing Night

Party High Heels Header Image
5 Party High Heels To Add To Your Shoe Collection Whether you’re a frequent party goer, or a casual one, you’ll most definitely need a pair of fabulous heels to dance the night away in! In our experience, and we are sure you can agree, the perfect party high heels for...

6 Green Slingback Heels For Your Shoe Collection

Green Slingback Heels Header Image
If you’re searching for a comfortable, yet very fashionable high heel for this summer, you found yourself in the right place! We put together a list with our top picks, carefully sorting through dozens of sling back heels, just so you can pick your favorite. The it color of...

7 Platform Stilettos For Fashonistas

Platform Stilettos Header Image
Classy, sexy, daring, elegant - we’re all looking for a certain something when purchasing a brand new pair of high heels. We took into consideration not only the trends, but also that excitement one feels when first looking at a gorgeous pair of heels and we managed to carefully...

6 Black Dress Sandals for Summer

Black Dress Sandals For Summer Header Image
Summer, which is also known as “the weddings/parties season”, is truly here and all we can think about is finding the perfect dress sandal to go with all those great outfits we have in mind! If you’re in trouble finding the perfect black dress sandals for your special upcoming...

Black Gladiator Sandals to have this Summer!

Black Gladiator Sandals Header Image
A literally historical fashion trend is back, just in time for the start of the hot (and more like incredibly hot) summer season. The gladiator sandals represent a fashion statement that has been born in Ancient Greece, became a hit in the 70’s, and is still very relevant up...

Pink Flip Flops For Your Summer Vacation

Pink Flip Flops Header Image
If your mind wanders off thinking about that much awaited vacation, more often than you would care to admit, it might come as a relief knowing that you are not alone! We’ve already started thinking about perfect summer destinations, and since we like to be not only beach-ready, but...

Marlenee Steve Madden Sandals

The Marlenee Steve Madden sandal is a stunning design from Nine West that is perfect for an evening of elegance. A single strap across the toes is a fabulous decorative design in these patent leather high heel sandals. The heel measures 4 ½ inches in height. You legs will...

Makinson Evening Aldo Sandals

Buy These Aldo Sandals Now

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High Heel Shoe Collection Toronto Andrea’s Shoe Collection

This high heel shoe collection Toronto is a video by Andrea who is a fabulous fashion blogger. Want to win a $100 dollars by creating the best shoe collection video then check out our high heel shoe collection contest to find out more information.  To find out more about...

Kathiria High Heel Shoe Collection – Deals On Heels

Kathiria is an amazing entrepreneur and makeup artist from Pennsylvania. She is the newest addition to our high heel shoe collection series. Check out her shoe collection and find out her views on fashion, go to date night shoes and what women empowerment means.