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Home Fashion Month Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Season Gucci zebra high heels with thin ankle strap

Gucci zebra high heels with thin ankle strap

Altuzarra Fashion Week High Heels
Gucci thin stilettos with socks
Miu Miu needle thin high heels

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Kathiria High Heel Shoe Collection – Deals On Heels

Kathiria is an amazing entrepreneur andĀ makeup artist from Pennsylvania. She is the newest addition to our high heel shoe collection series. Check out her shoe collection and find out her views on fashion, go to date night shoes and what women empowerment means.

High Heel Shoe Collection Alexandra’s Shoe Collection

Alexandra is model and a fashion and beauty blogger for a popular online fashion magazineĀ in Budapest Hungary. Watch the high heel shoe collection Alexandra video now and then tell us what you think! Alexandra's High Heel Shoe Collection Interview To find out more about Alexandra, check out this short interview she...