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High Heel Louboutin Collection


In this video you will see a fabulous Christian Louboutin collection of designer shoes. Louboutins are more than shoes they are an experience. Every woman shoe have an opportunity to experience a pair once in their lives. Warning if you become jealous by seeing beautiful shoes you wish you had then maybe this isn’t a video you should watch. First up is Maudissima the fabulous patent pump from Christian. These shoes are in the dictionary under the word “sexy.” Your legs will thank you while wearing these beauties on your feet. You will look that much better and feel great too. Second on the list and also super sexy are the Christian Louboutin Alti leather pumps. These black leather pumps are classic and stand at approximately six inches tall. Prepare to turn heads when you walk into the room in these red bottoms. The almond shape toe and double platform will add the extra comfort that you’re looking for in a supreme designer shoe. Following those stunners is a personal favorite the Catwoman (meow)! The T strap provides the elegant design that I’m looking for at my weekend soirees. Again the almond toe shape is winning and the fastening strap feels and works great. I’m feeling Italian tonight! Speaking of classic heels, the following is a favorite of mine. Are you seeing a pattern here? Whether you’re one of those powerful women in the boardroom or you sweating it out on the dance floor at the hottest night clubs, these round toe pumps will give you the composure of a super model. Next up is the Rolando Christian Louboutin shoe of sexiness. Much of the same here, but why ruin a a good thing. Yup, you guessed it – almond toe. It provides comfort and has a hidden platform to help. If you’re lucky enough to find a pair for yourself, then I would hesitate to pull out the plastic. Do you have a special event in the near future? Then make way for the 8 Mignons. These suede platform peep toe sandals will make a statement. The strap detail is amazing and the glitter platform is perfect without being an over statement. Want to find out what’s next then check out the rest of this Louboutin collection video.