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My Shoe Collection: High Heels!


This is a video all about my shoe collection. You may have seen videos over the past few months about shoe collections, confessions of a shoe-a-holic and shoe hauls. I thought it would be fun to do my shoe collection video. The video is three parts, which include high heels, flats and boots. Heels will start the video because they are the most glamorous and it should interest you the most. The woman in this video is extremely classy and is more concerned with quality designer shoes over the quantity of shoes for women. She has a classic high heel collection to show off. She is not one for really high heels, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have beautiful shoes. The video starts off with one of the best nude wedges I have seen in a long time. Also you will see a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choo wedges that are a bit higher in the heel. If you’re a fan of Kate Middleton’s shoes then you’ll like the nude high heel pumps even though they’re not too comfortable. Of course every woman needs a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. They are a little more in the mid to high heel range but look perfect for work. You can see the exact same pair in black as well. Her suggestion if you are going to purchase Louboutin shoes that you go to the store to try the exact pair of heels that you plan to buy. Every Christian Louboutin shoe is made slightly different then the next. You want to be careful that the heel fits your feet perfectly. When you buy Christian Louboutin high heels it would be a shame if your toes suffered from being pinched all day or if you heel was squeeze a bit in the back. Have you every bought a pair of shoes you’ve never worn before. Check out these slingback peep toe pumps that are beautiful and still new out of the box. If you are a bright shoe lover then there are a couple vintage heels that are special for specific outfits only. Prada anyone? Look at the beautiful Prada shoes in this shoe collection. The metallic peep toe beauties are super high heels, which can be uncomfortable to walk in, but are extremely gorgeous on your feet! If you are an investor in high heels, then you will relate to how well she cares for her shoes. Every high heel shoe is stored the way she bought them, when she is not wearing them. To find out what happens next, you will have to watch the My Shoe Collection video. Enjoy!