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What You Need To Know About Chunky Heels


As cooler weather descends, savvy fashionistas replace vibrant sundresses with chunky knits and cozy outerwear. They’re also replacing the skinny, stripper-inspired heels of a few seasons ago with a more practical option: chunky heels. Thicker heels were all over the runways this season, and they’re a perfect choice for snowy, slippery streets and cool evenings inside. You can wear chunky high heels with virtually everything, and if you’re sick of clutching your aching back, you may very well find some relief with these heels, which provide much more support.

Chunky Heels: Dethroning the Stiletto Goddess

Faith Whittlesey once remarked that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. Fashion-forward gals across the globe have long lamented the pain they endure to achieve the right aesthetic, but they’re now breathing a collective sigh of relief. Chunky high heels provide more support, and can easily be dressed up or down.

Chunky Heels

Headed for a glam night on the town? This season’s must-have statement is the chunky platform heel, and for the vertically challenged, they’re a godsend. Choose chunky heel pumps with a platform for a jaw-dropping, fashion-forward look.

If you’re tall or just don’t like to ascend new heights with your heels, you still have options. Along with the chunky high heel trend comes a resurgence in shorter heels. Try short, square-shaped heels for a casual look that still offers a nod to high fashion, or opt for medium-height cone-shaped heels for a look that will quickly take you from office doldrums to evening glamour.

Chunky High Heels

Color Is Everything

Chunky high heels are attention-grabbing and intended to make a statement. Choosing the right color palette can help you complete your look. This season’s colors look positively radiant on a more substantial shoe. Bright hues, particularly ocean blue and emerald green, are the big news in fashion this season, and are the perfect ingredient to dress up a muted fall palette filled with charcoal and black.

Prefer your colors a bit more neutral? You can still channel the fashion goddesses! Try burnt sienna, which is surprisingly versatile and can be worn with just about any color combination. Black is popular as always, with the truly fashion-forward opting for geometric prints in black and white. For an eye-catching look, go bold in black and white chunky heels.

Chunky High Heel Pumps

Putting it All Together

Chunky heels are the first step toward the perfect aesthetic, not the final ingredient. After years of skinny heels, you might wonder how to incorporate the more substantive look of chunky high heels into your wardrobe. Have no fear! A few minor tweaks to your look are all you need. Consider the following hints:

• Chunky heel pumps tend to add a bit of bulk to the legs. If you’re not blessed with mile-long gams, stick to higher heels, which will elongate your legs. Ankle straps can cut your legs in half, so keep your lines clean and smooth.

• Not sure about skirt length? You don’t need to be a fashion expert. Chunk heels work with every clothing length. For a put-together professional look, try midi skirts – a look that’s guaranteed to continue in popularity for at least a few more seasons. And for a night on the town, you can’t go wrong with mini-skirts. Chunky heels are also an ideal match for the shorter pants of this season.

• If you go for brightly colored chunky high heels, keep the rest of your color palette a bit more quiet. Emerald green and ocean blue pair perfectly with the grays and blacks of fall, but if you want to accent your color palette, try red.

• Chunky heels bring out the texture in tights. While skinny heels always looked a bit strange with covered legs, chunky high heels are made for the leg-warming benefits of tights. Try sweater-style tights in chunky knits, and for a truly eye-popping look, go for broke with brightly patterned tights.

Chunky Heel Pumps

The advent of chunky heels marks a loosening of the definition of sexy shoes. You no longer have to toddle around on miniscule stilts. Instead, get creative and let your imagination run wild with heels that were meant to be fun and whimsical.

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