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7 Platform Stilettos For Fashonistas

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Classy, sexy, daring, elegant – we’re all looking for a certain something when purchasing a brand new pair of high heels. We took into consideration not only the trends, but also that excitement one feels when first looking at a gorgeous pair of heels and we managed to carefully choose seven platform stilettos that both raised our blood pressure and catered to our strict requirements in the fashion department!

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN New Very Prive Platform Pumps Image

1. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN New Very Prive Platform Pumps

As you may have anticipated, a gorgeous design by Louboutin could not be absent from a list which celebrates the most perfect platform stilettos! These heels are famous for their comfort and design, never failing to make a fashion statement. The shine of the shoe is just right and the gradient colors add style and sex appeal!

SAINT LAURENT Tribute sandals Image

2. SAINT LAURENT ‘Tribute’ sandals

The new designer – Hedi Slimane – brought a fresh view to the established fashion house, creating a modern piece of footwear that celebrates the classic designs of YSL, proving that this empire has a lot more to say in the fashion industry. This red stiletto sandal has a place on our list due to its elegant lines and fiery color, making it a must have for this hot season!

ALDO Perelli Yellow Platform Stilletos Image

3. ALDO Perelli Yellow Platform Stilletos

This platform stiletto combines all the elements for success: a bright, stylish color, perfect for this summer, with a classic, yet modern design, with comfort and most importantly with a very accessible price tag! If you’re searching to make a fashion statement this summer, then these are the shoes for you!

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Sabrina pumps Image

4. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA ‘Sabrina’ pumps

The main reason we chose to include these heels on our list had to be the amazingly cool pattern of the shoe! The choices of color and pattern are vibrant and they make the shoe versatile and easy to pair with your favorite outfits, the height of the heel is balanced by the platform, and the overall feminine design of the shoe stole a place in our hearts forever.

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Head Over Heels sandals Image

5. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA ‘Head Over Heels’ sandals

The name says it all, because we truly are head over heels for the incredible design of this platform sandal with a stiletto heel! Red is passion and the cleverly sewed together suede hearts made this shoe a tribute to love, a language we all speak fluently!

SAINT LAURENT Janis Platform Stilettos Image

6. SAINT LAURENT Janis Platform Pumps

Sometimes a classic design is what we’re looking for and these heels provide just that. With a selection of three colors to choose from – pink, cream and black, and the perfect pointed toe, these classic platform stilettos will certainly prove to be a great investment!

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Seaway pumps Image

7. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA ‘Seaway’ pumps

Yes, yes, we know we’re obsessing over Charlotte Olympia designs, but how could we not? These heels are another great example of imagination put to work and the outcome is a pair of navy inspired platform stilettos that are bound to be comfortable, sexy and truly out of the ordinary!