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Return Policy

None of the shoes on the Deals On Heels website or sold by Deals On Heels.  Our website is an affiliate marketer that presents great deals to our viewers.  Deals On Heels is an Amazon.com Affiliate.  Deals On Heels finds great deals online and presents them in an elegant way for our viewers to find in one place.  All transactions will be between you (a visitor of Deals On Heels website and the Amazon merchant directly.

Return Policy: Who Is Responsible For Returns?

As an Amazon Affiliate marketer, Deals On Heels does not deal with refunds as they are handled with the Amazon Store Merchant that sold you (the consumer) the shoes directly through their online Amazon store. Their information should be printed on your order form, receipt and shipped with your order.

If you are unable to make contact with a vendor:

Then send as a message to make us aware of the situation, so we can try to find a solution and/or remove the vendor list from our selections.

As always we appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to send us a message to voice any of your concerns.

Does Deals On Heels sell shoes directly to the consumer?  

No. Deals On Heels is an affiliate marketer that organizes great deals in one place online.  All shoes are sold independently through a variety of Amazon merchants.