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Sexy Suede Red Peep Toe Pumps With Bow


Oh my god I love peep toe pumps and more specifically I love my red peep toe pumps! I feel super ladylike in them and of course I feel like a star when I wear them. I love to strut around town in catch those wandering eyes following my every step. Come on ladies you know you feel the same because their is just something about red and high heels that takes shoes to a whole other level. Of course you immediately think Louboutin if you’re like me and my red bottom girls but we don’t have to max out the cards to find a sexy pair of red peep toe pumps. Check out these red suede heels I’ve found with a “oh my god super cute” bow on top. That’s right this beautiful pedicure gift is all wrapped up like a present with a pretty bow on top.

Ok allow me to digress and tell you a little more. We are in the stilettos and high heels category with these pumps pushing 5 inches plus. Normally this can make or break a comfort level but these heels have a 1.5 inch platform to help balance the weight. The little bow I was referring before has a chicness to it that makes it perfect for a formal event like a black tie dinner. There is something about peep toe that is super sexy especially in red pumps. Maybe it’s the tease but not revealing the entire foot but I sure do have a lot of variations of this type of stiletto in my closet. I feel like these red peep toe pumps go with all different attires. From dresses to jeans and everything in between these shoes are fabulous. What is really great is that these heels are perfect for those looking for a super fab stiletto that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. If you do pick up a pair, please share your experiences with me!