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The Myth About Stripper Shoes


Everybody deserves to look good, irrespective of their job or status. Who says that a doctor cannot be stylish or a stripper elegant and alluring?

Styles Of Stripper Shoes

Stripper shoes come in different types: 7 inch heels, 8 inch heels, clear heels and platforms, glowing heels and tip jar shoes.

However, these are just a few examples of stripper shoes. This niche is far more complex than people might think. For this reason, it is time for everyone to find out that strippers can look good without the fear of looking cheap, thus debunking the myth that women with this particular job are vulgar and tasteless when it comes to fashion.

Stripper Shoes Styles

Trends Don’t Care About The Brand But The Person

Many shoe brands use spikes to garnish their creations. From Christiam Louboutin and Alexander McQueen, to stripper high heels, they all have fierce, yet elegant spikes. And if a fashionista can wear such spikes with dignity, so can strippers!

Spiked Stipper Shoes

If you look in every woman’s closet, you will find at least one animal print item. And if designers like Jimmy Choo have put their talent into the hands of styles like animal print, what makes animal print stripper shoes different from any other model on the market?

Stripper Shoes Animal Print

How many women look at the sparkly Christian Louboutin with admiration and secretly wish for such a pair of shoes? The only thing that differentiates stripper shoes from ordinary sparkly shoes are just a few inches more of heel, but what the former have extra is the courage of wearing what they like.

Sparkling Stripper Shoes

Red Is All You Need

What woman doesn’t have a pair of red shoes for the times they want to feel sexy and attract men’s attention? Strippers are no different and just because their shoes are a bit feisty, there are other types of shoes that may seem cheaper, even if they are not. This could be the case of Alexander McQueen’s red high heels, which are everything but ordinary. Therefore, it is safe to say that stripper shoes sometimes look simple and classy when compared with such unusual shoes.

Red Stripper Shoes

The Difference Is Subtle

Let’s say you want to wear stiletto peep toe slingback heels and you can choose between a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a pair from Sinful Shoes. Beside the red sole and extra money, the former has nothing special.
As far as the other pair of heels is concerned, the few extra inches make the difference when you want to make a statement. So, knowing this, it is safe to say that stripper shoes can look good without looking cheap!

Sexy Stripper Shoes

Are you happy now that you didn’t judge the book by its cover or the stripper shoes by their name?