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Top 5 Famous Brands For High Heel Shoes


One might be so lucky to walk in fashion rich cities like New York, Paris, Milan or L.A. and see which shoe designers women prefer. These iconic cities are where fashionistas set the trend for the rest of the world to see which styles of high heel shoes will be the next trend!

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High Heel Shoes Worldwide

Women are complicated creatures, as Eileen Wilks, author of Mortal Danger states. And indeed they are! They can never decide whether they like stilettos more than they enjoy wearing a pair of pumps or if they prefer wedges to the detriment of platforms.

Eileen Wilks Mortal Danger High Heels Shoes

This being said, how is it possible for women to choose between the multitude of high heel shoe brands? By making a top 5 most famous high heel shoe brands, women’s overall preference in terms of shoes should become a bit clearer.

Designer High Heel Shoes

Titans Of High Heel Shoes

Who doesn’t know about Christian Louboutin’s well-known red sole shoes? Because this brand sells not only high heel shoes, but also a genuine brand, Christian Louboutin deserves his place in the top 5 most famous high heel shoe brands.

In short, the French designer’s story sounds like this: one day, Christian Louboutin noticed that his assistant was painting her toe nails with red nail polish, action which stimulated his inspiration. He immediately painted the sole of his creations in red and this is how a legend was born.

Louboutins Red Bottom High Heel Shoes

What would this Top 5 look like without Manolo Blahnik, the British shoe designer who first came up with the idea of creating shoes in 1972? Manolo Blahnik high heels might be expensive, but women all over the world, including stars like Madonna and Nicole Kidman prefer this brand, thanks to its high and think heels and the pointy toes.

Manolo Blahnik High Heel Shoes

This Top 5 of most famous high heel shoe brands would not be complete without Jimmy Choo, a brand co-founded in 1996 by Chinese designer Yangjie (Jimmy) Choo and British fashion editor Tamara Yeardye Mellon. Icons like Princess Diana and fashion darling Sarah Jessica Parker have not been shy about admitting the preference for Jimmy Choo high heels.

Jimmy Choo High Heel Shoes

Another high heel shoe brand which gains ground on the red carpets all over the world is Sergio Rossi. The Italian designer started creating shoes and working in the family’s workshop from the age of 14.

Sergio Rossi High Heel Shoes

The Father Of High Heel Shoes

Wondering why Roger Vivier is the last high heel shoe brand mentioned in this top? It would be a shame not to save the best place in the top for the father of high-heeled shoes, as he is known all over the world.

Roger Vivier’s innovative taste in heel design and toe shapes has influenced women’s preference in terms of shoes. To show how exquisite his creations are, it is enough to take a look at people who wear or wore his creations: Ava Gardner, Gloria Guinness and Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1953.

There is no doubt that Roger Vivier and his shoes, also known as “the Faberge of Footwear” stand for a high heel shoe brand that has no match, not even with the above-mentioned brands.

Roger Vivier High Heel Shoes