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Top 5 High Heel Deals


Fashionista on a budget — a budgetista, if you will. Look glam and polished with these designer-inspired discount shoes that walk the walk… but don’t talk any of that “fool parting with her money” business. Here’s our Top 5 High Heel Deals:

Clear Peep Toe Platforms Forever 21

Clear Peep Toe Platforms from Forever 21

These see-through platform heels are a STEAL at $29.80 (so cheap, you won’t have to steal them). Available in three colors — our pick is for the on-trend rose metallic — the deals on heels is clear at Forever 21.

Cut-out Pumps Go Jane

Cut-out Pumps from Go Jane

Go Jane is our go-to for high heel deals. This pump is classic and whimsical in four spring-inspired colors and one visually stunning cut-out upper. Your feet — and wallet — won’t get tired with these cheap heels: only $27.70.

Back To Paradise Heels ModDeals

Back to Paradise Heels from ModDeals

We’ve got our eye on high heel deals that are vacation-worthy. These “cheap made chic” heels from ModDeals put the fuschia-and-periwinkle print spin on our feet for summer. Don’t say “cheap shoes” like it’s a bad thing. Only $19.50 and a Hawaiian flower print for miles.

Riverberry Pointed Toe Patent Stiletto Pumps

Riverberry “Music” Patent Pumps

Stop traffic in these “construction cone orange” patent pumps from Riverberry (via Overstock). No ticket, no fines — this sassy stiletto is the only thing on our high heel deals radar at $37.99. Looks like this pump is pointed to a sunny day.

Fashion Sequin Design Simple Pumps

Fashion Sequin Design Simple Pumps

Discount heels don’t stop for special occasion — in fact, they BRING it! These fashion pumps have the perfect dimensions for your evening shoe: gold, glitter, sequins and a sky-high heel that’s ready to party. All this, for only $15.93 from Sammy Dress.

How do you like your discount heels? Well, cheap, naturally. And I just made shopping for deals on high heels easy.

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