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15 Types of Heels For Every Shoe Collection


No heel is equal, indeed—and there’s an overwhelming number of different kinds of heels for women alone. We’re talking about heels with their appropriate names—yes, beyond high heels, mid-heels and low-heels. We know how confusing it can be on the onset, but trust us—it’s a lot easier once each heel gets defined. We listed 15 types of heels for your reference, along with the hottest ones to update your closet with!

1) Pumps

Pumps are probably the high heels you have in mind. It has that iconic high heel silhouette, and is often around 2 to 3 inches in height, with a low vamp (cut on the front) that often helps elongate the legs.

BCBGeneration Women’s Treasure Dress Pump

BCBGeneration Treasure Dress Pump Type Of Heels Image

2) Stilettos
Stilettos are probably the other high heels that pop in your mind at the mention of the word, but unlike pumps, these rocket to the sky with their heel height, which is at least 4 inches and above, with the heels often being pencil-thin.

FSJ Women Pointed Toe Pumps High Heel Stiletto Shoes

High heel stilettos type of heels image

3) Platforms

Platforms are the type of high heels with height added to the front of the shoe so as to reduce the height difference between the heel and the toe of the shoe, thus making the heels more comfortable to walk in.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Waleo Platform Pumps

Jessica Simpson Women's Waleo Platform Pumps Image

4) Wedges

Talk about really comfortable. A wedge heel covers the entire sole or underside of the shoe. So the whole “heel” is essentially triangular in figure, with no gap between the toe and the heel as in most shoes.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Mili Wedge Sandal

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Mili Wedge Sandals Image

5) Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are the shoes to choose when you need the extra elevation but can’t do with your feet hurting all day. They’re typically low, with a wide top that narrows down as the heel hits the floor. They come in the same range of designs as other heels.

AK Anne Klein Melanie Kitten Heels

AK Anne Klein Melanie Kitten Heels Image

6) Cone Heels

Cone heels do not fall far away from the shape of a cone—it’s exactly the figure that the heel of these shoes take after.

Vince Camuto Elika Geo Cutout Cone Heels

Vince Camuto Cone Heels Type of Heels Image

7) Spool heels

Just like cone heels, spool heels (yes, there’s such a thing!) are a type of heel that have a wide top and bottom, but curves inward in the middle. They’re typically low heels, just like kitten heels, but you can find some that are the height of a standard pump.

Cole Haan Spool Heels Chelsea High Flared-Heel Pump

Cole Haan Spool Heels Chelsea High Flared-Heel Pump Type Of Heels

8) Chunky heels
Chunky heels, or block heels, are trending this spring and summer 2016, so hot designs of this shoe are everywhere right now! As the name implies, this type of heels for women have a thick, block-like built, so it’s a lot more stable and comfortable to walk in.

Breckelles CB81 Women Leatherette Open Toe Double Band Slingback Chunky Heel Platform Sandal

Type Of Heels Breckelles CB81 Women Leatherette Open Toe Double Band Slingback Chunky Heel Platform Sandal

9) T-Strap
T-strap heels are not the type of heel, but the design of the straps over the foot, which—it doesn’t get more obvious than this—is shaped like a T, often with a narrow ankle strap running over the foot and wrapping around the ankle.

Valentino Rockstud Metallic Leather Pumps

Deals On Heels T-Strap High Heel Shoe for Women

10) Ankle strap
Ankle-strap heels are simply heels with a strap—narrow or thick—around the ankles, which give added support and security to the feet. These shoes can come in the form of sandals, pumps, or even block heels—they’re a pretty versatile type of shoe!

Dream Pairs Elegantee Powder Blue Ankle-Strap Heels

Deals On Heels Dream Pairs Elegantee Powder Blue Ankle-Strap Heels

11) Peep-toe heels
Peep-toe heels are definitively a type of shoe where the front part of the shoe is cut out so that the toes are exposed. They’re a type of toe more—just like a pointed toe and a round toe—than they are a type of heel. But the unique peep-toe finish gives the shoes a very chic, distinguished look.

Badgley Mischka “Accent” Peep-toe heels
12) Heel-less
Sometimes in 2012, the heelless shoes catapulted into the trending shoes of the season and made headlines bearing the statement, “Would You Wear It?” Essentially, the heel of this shoe disappears from under the heel of the foot and you would find, instead, a very thick platform running towards the toe of the shoe. There’s often a curved look to the “heel” so as to create a wider bottom.

Photo courtesy: Stuffpoint.com
13) Heeled boots
Sometimes pumps are no good for the wintry months. So if you need extra height and more coverage, boots with heels are your go-to.

Isabel Marant Danae velvet ankle boots
14) Mules
Mules are the “it” shoe for spring, perhaps because of the transitional look it brings. The vamp is much higher on mules than they are on pumps, which means to say that most of your feet are covered, but only just.

Givenchy Black Mules
15) Slingback heels
Slingback heels are very stylish. If the straps in an ankle-strap shoe surround the whole ankle, slingback heels cover the back part of the ankle, so that the feet can easily slide in but still have that extra support from the back strap.
Vince Camuto “Barlowe” Slingback Pump

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