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White Boots For Women This Winter

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White is not just for summer anymore. These days, street style stars exude the cool It factor by breaking post-Labor Day fashion rules and donning winter white boots. We can totally understand its appeal: a flash of winter white lends a refreshing, modern flair to what could otherwise have been a dreary winter outfit.

Luckily, we’ve got endless options winter white boots. From minimalist booties to quirky embellished heels, here are the best winter white boots to shop for the cold season.

Manolita Panelled white Boots for women

Manolita Panelled Boots
With its panelled features, almond toe, and leather finish, these Manolita Panelled Boots are anything but basic winter white boots. These are the kind of booties that mix well with just about any bottoms you have in your wardrobe—frayed jeans, vinyl skirt, patterned culottes, you name it. The boots sit on a chunky mid heel that make it extra comfortable to walk around in, too.

Strategia Snake Leather Ankle Boots

Strategia Snake Leather Ankle Boots
Animal-print accents never fail to deliver an effortlessly chic finish to any outfit, and these Strategia Snake Leather Ankle Boots live up to that. The silhouette of this pair is undoubtedly flattering, and the chunky heels adds height and stability to the wearer. If you’re not keen on wearing pure winter white but would still like the same kind of effect, these winter white boots work perfectly.

Marc Jacobs Georgia White Boots

Marc Jacobs Georgia Boots
Kick it with this pair of cowboy-inspired Marc Jacobs boots. The Western look is classic for a reason: it brings individuality to an outfit, but isn’t too tricky to wear. This winter white number features pull tabs, a flattering cut, and a sexy heel. The metallic stars can dress up any pair of denims.

Cherevichkiotvichki Knee-Length White Boots

Cherevichkiotvichki Knee-Length Boots
A fashion crowd favorite, knee-length boots make an appearance even way before winter. Then again, they’re incredibly versatile: you can wear knee-length boots with your trusty skinny jeans in the cold months and pair them with a short dress for the warmer season.

The last thing you want is a tacky look. So when it comes to choosing knee-length boots, it’s best to get a pair made with leather. The material tends to mold around your gams, resulting in a better fit with each wear. We love these winter white knee-length boots from Cherevichkiotvichki!

Gedebe Caroline Ankle Black and White Boots

Gedebe Caroline Ankle Boots
Here’s an uber trendy option from Gedebe. The Caroline Ankle Boots are a bold take on winter white boots with its patches and pompoms. Showing off black and white leather panels and a block heel, this pair of boots is ready to roll in the streets.

Let it be your statement accessory by toning down the rest of your outfit and wearing crop jeans, a turtleneck, and a long, sleek coat.