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Alexandra is model and a fashion and beauty blogger for a popular online fashion magazine in Budapest Hungary. Watch the high heel shoe collection Alexandra video now and then tell us what you think!

Alexandra’s High Heel Shoe Collection Interview

To find out more about Alexandra, check out this short interview she did with us at Deals On Heels!

1) How many shoes do you have in your shoe collection?
I have around 60 shoes, but I think more than half of them are high heeled ones.

2) What is your favorite style of shoe?
I love everything classy and black, my favorites at the moment are the lace up high heels, they look amazing!

3) Do you prefer shopping online or in the store for new shoes?
I am a shopaholic, so I love both ways, but I think I prefer buying them in stores, where I can try them on.

4) If you were on an island and could only take 3 pairs of shoes with you, what would they be?
I would take my red Tommy Hilfiger sneakers, my black Lacoste loafers and probably my most outstanding and unique blue high heels – I obviously would not be able to wear them around, but I would love to have something with me that reminds me of my passion for fashion.

5) What is your goto date night shoes?
My black Zara high heel sandal, it’s classy, comfy, and makes my legs super long, I can never go wrong with them!

6) Where can our readers follow or find out more about you?
I write for a Hungarian fashion magazine called Fashionfave and a US-based blog called Hair n Style blog, but I have just set up my own blog, Leather and Silk.