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Check out Aminta’s amazing shoe collection! Want to win a $100 dollars by creating the best shoe collection video then check out our high heel shoe collection contest to find out more information. This high heel shoe collection New York is a video by Aminta who is an amazing fashion blogger, model, stylist and fashionista from Clothes And Fashion.

Aminta’s High Heel Shoe Collection Interview

To find out more about Aminta, check out this short interview she did with us at Deals On Heels!

1) How many shoes do you have in your shoe collection?
I have a little over 50 pairs including a couple of ballet pointe shoes.

2) What is your favorite style of shoe?
I love good ankle support. Right now I’m intro strappy heels with an ankle stripe. That way I can go about my day and not worry my shoes are going to fall off!

3) Do you prefer shopping online or in the store for new shoes?
I’ve done both, but I prefer to try shoes on in store and really get a feel for them. A few years ago I used to buy cheap heels that ended up hurting my feet; now I’m pickier about footwear.

4) If you were on an island and could only take 3 pairs of shoes with you, what would they be?
If I was stranded in a island I’d be barefoot at all time. If I was on vacation in a island, I would take two pairs of flat sandals (black flat sandals and a colorful flat sandals) and a pair of nude heels for a night out.

5) Where can our readers follow or find out more about you?
Visiting my blog, or following me on Instagram @amintair