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This high heel shoe collection Toronto is a video by Andrea who is a fabulous fashion blogger. Want to win a $100 dollars by creating the best shoe collection video then check out our high heel shoe collection contest to find out more information.  To find out more about Andrea, read our short interview with her below!

Andrea’s High Heel Shoe Collection Interview

1) How many shoes do you have in your shoe collection?
I have about 35-40 pairs of shoes.

2) What is your favorite style of shoe?
My favorite shoe right now is an open toe wedge sandal.

3) Do you prefer shopping online or in the store for new shoes?
In stores. I love trying shoes on first.

4) If you were on an island and could only take 3 pairs of shoes with you, what would they be?
Probably a pair of running shoes, flip flops, and a nude heel (you never know).

5) What is your goto date night shoes?
I love a pop of colour for date night so my current favorite is a cobalt blue wedge.

6) Where can our readers follow or find out more about you?
Check out my website: