Raissa Lyra | High Heel Shoe Collection | Deals On Heels

Raissa Lyra is an amazing print and promotional model who you may have seen anywhere from Los Angeles to New York. She is a full time model who we are happy to have as part of our high heel shoe collection series at Deals On Heels. Check out here amazing shoe collection here. 

1) How many shoes do you have in your shoe collection? I have about 30 shoes in my high heels collection. Not including boots, booties, wedges, etc. But a girl can truly never have too many shoes. I need to expand my collection =)

2) What is your favorite style of shoe? Just like anything else in fashion, my favorite style of shoe changes often. Right now I’m really into the thicker heels. They are comfier and it’s definitely making a come back.

3) Do you prefer shopping online or in the store for new shoes? I can never shop online for shoes. For some reason, that’s like a huge fear for me. I’m not the same size in every shoe so it makes it impossible to shop the right size online. Plus, who doesn’t love trying on tons of shoes at the stores =P

4) If you were on an island and could only take 3 pairs of shoes with you, what would they be? Wow! Only 3? This question gives me anxiety. I’d die without my shoes hahaha

5) What is your goto date night shoes? Date shoes are always the highest pairs I have. Something about them make me feel a little sexier.

6) Where can our readers follow or find out more about you? You can find me on facebook/Instagram/Snapchat @Raissa Lyra